My Experiences with Change Matters Online Therapy

"The path of Counsellor and Therapist is Miranda's right path - she is a savvy and intuitive woman with a deep capacity for compassion. She seems to have been blessed with the ability to weave gold from the straw of life's hard knocks. I recommend her as a Counsellor." Baz Freedman

"Miranda is like the wise woman/healer you read about in fairy tales - except that she is real. If you are embarking on a journey of recovery/rediscovery of self - she is the perfect guide and companion." Jane Notten

"I have know Miranda for about 20 years and have worked with her on various projects. She has worked mainly in the field of disability, both physical and mental. She is very organised and has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve. In recent years she has dedicated her time more to individual and group therapy in which she has been sucessful and very confident about the outcomes she would like to see her clients achieve." Nasief van der Poll

"Miranda has always demonstrated immense passion and compassion for the people she works with. Beneath Miranda's quiet disposition lies great insight and wisdom. This insight and wisdom has shone through since her days as a SACAP student. I had the privilege of directly supervising her fieldwork internship. Since then the College has partnered with Change Matters for student placements. Miranda is currently supervising a SACAP student conducting his fieldwork at Change Matters." Zerina Royeppen

"About two years ago, while on an extended holiday in Cape Town, South Africa, I treated myself to nine art enhanced therapy sessions and a one day workshop with Miranda and Jana of Change Matters.

Their business is located in the stunningly beautiful Southern Cape Peninsula, so we had an idyllic setting in which to work. I thoroughly enjoyed our one hour sessions, returning to Canada with a revitalized outlook, new ideas, and a real conversation piece of client introspective art, created by Jana as the meetings progressed. Who would have thought that therapy could be so much fun!?

Now Change Matters is launching an online service, and I happily signed up. I have completed seven sessions, and I am delighted with the experience. Online therapy is in many ways superior to face-to-face. I can relax in my own comfortable surroundings, aiming the camera so as to avoid any household untidiness! Convenience, free air time, breakdown proof, White Rabbit Miranda appears as if by magic ... great balls of fire!

Our virtual meetings have been supported by written exchanges. Miranda and Jana have a genius for reading between the lines, and, as we meander along, they have contributed some 'super-duper' insightful and invaluable thoughts. It's all been an enriching series of meetings, we have covered so much ground, and all from my favourite armchair!

Therapy online is quick, easy and an exciting way to enhance one's outlook on life, or to get help in coming to terms with some of life's inevitable upsets. Change Matters offers wonderful support, and I have felt welcomed into their fold. I congratulate them on the new venture, and it is an honour and privilege to be able to recommend their online methodology. I shall continue my own explorations and development within their medium, and in the coming year I hope to revisit their real world 'happy lair' on the mountainside, near the spectacular and aptly named Cape of Good Hope."

Peter Boyle, Ph.D, Former Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada