Our two therapists, Miranda Wannenburgh and Dr Jana Lazarus, pool their expertise and different approaches in order to provide the most comprehensive view possible on the problem that you bring.Miranda2Jana

It is rare for two therapists to work together like this. We have found that by collaborating, we see more: one of us can be deeply in process with you, while the other uses observational skills to add additional insights, and catch cues which might otherwise have been overlooked.

We get to the heart of the real problem (which is not always the same as the presenting problem), and we get there faster than in a long talking therapy.

How is it that we help you?

In our practice, we draw on a pool of professional and life experience, including our own Recovery of the Self journeys. Few therapists will admit to or share the learning that came out of personal process. We believe this is our greatest strength.

When you work with us, we are proactive: as well as talking, we give you maps, diagrams, and questionnaires. This is to help you understand your problem in a new light, and to show you how to shift your position on it. You may also receive poems, stories and recommended reading from us.

This is a process called Assisted Self-Discovery involving Perspective-shifting.

Be prepared to be surprised.

We will show you where your point of power is – what, and how, you can change.

Miranda Wannenburgh is an Applied Psychology Counsellor who specialises in the areas of self-esteem, addiction (including codependence) and recovery.

Dr Jana Lazarus is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in inner child work, infant observation and creative therapies.

The point of power is always in the present moment.