MandalaI can’t stand my job! (Though I am good at it). I feel frustrated and bored! I feel aimless! I know that what I am doing is just not “right” for me (even though I make a lot of money). I don’t know how to change things. I am scared you will ask me to overhaul my whole life. I should not be feeling this way. I should be grateful.

Nonsense (to the latter)! If you are experience a lack of zest, fun, enjoyment and fulfilment in your life, there are good reasons for that and CHANGE is on the cards.

It doesn’t however take the form of something dramatic – dropping out, giving up, zoning out – it involves a process of looking inwards, to find out what these niggles are telling you. They are there to be listened to.

Sometimes your body will talk to you loudly – in terms of headaches, high blood pressure, backache and cancer. Stop ignoring yourself. You are trapped in a coping mechanism that thinks “doing what you should be doing” is the way to feel okay (clearly, it is not) – Doing your own Being is the way!

We will explain to you what this means, and how to get there.

We can help you find your True Purpose in this life’s journey – the seed is inside you already, and has brought you to us.

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