AngelGrieving can take many forms. Perhaps you have lost someone dear to you (even a pet). Perhaps you feel you missed out on life in some way. Perhaps you had hopes for a particular kind of relationship with someone that were never fulfilled. You try to put things out of your mind and get on with life, but it keeps tripping you up.

People are afraid of mourning because they think it involves pain. Guess what, you are already in pain. You are actually in two kinds of pain – the loss, and the pain of the defence mechanism (which, we find over and over again, is worse). There is great relief in grieving.

Grieving is an honouring process. It marks what you have lost, and it remembers with love who it is that you have lost. Departed ones come to live inside you in a safe, comfortable place which allows you to continue living, and thriving, in this world.

Don’t live a half-life (which is in itself a kind of death) just because you have lost someone or something. It is possible to heal from loss, and to feel whole, good and complete again.