AnxietyIs this therapy?

Yes. We just call ourselves a Consultancy for Personal Change because what we do is more than therapy. Traditional therapies may foster dependence, whereas we see you as your most effective, lifelong change agent. Traditional therapies sometimes keep the counsellor mysterious or “neutral”, which we don’t believe in. We are as real and human as you are. As well as talking, we proactively share tools with you that you then try out. We use symbolic techniques like stories, poems and pictures because they access deeper parts of the brain than the conscious, rational one.

Is it as effective as face-to-face therapy?

With Skype, it is face-to-face therapy! Unless you don’t want it to be. You may prefer just to write to us, or do voice-only Skype sessions.

Why are you called CHANGE MATTERS?

We got tired of kinds of therapy that give you increased insight over years of discussion, without actual change in your life. We found that knowing what is wrong and why is not the same as knowing what to do to make it better. So we are about offering tools and giving you a chance to practice, while we support you.

How quickly can I expect to feel benefits from these sessions?

Our clients find relief immediately. We do ask that you commit to yourself in 24-hour blocks when doing this work (a day at a time). This will mean both setting aside a little time for yourself regularly (say, half an hour) as well as increasing your awareness of how you function and what is going on within you, throughout any given day.

Is it painful and is it hard work?

Most people are afraid of uncovering something terrible about themselves once they start to pay attention to what is hurting. This is an illusion. In fact, the pain of your current defences is far worse than any residual pain you may uncover related to past hurts. You may well enter a grieving process as your awareness grows about what happened to you, and as you start to nurture and care for yourself. But this is a healthy kind of crying that brings relief and brings you back to yourself – and that feels great!

Yes, it is hard work – in the sense that we ask for your commitment to yourself. No one can implement your changes for you (not even us). Also, it is hard work because of the fear. But we will show you how to anchor yourself, and you will be helped. Many others before you have managed what you are about to try – including us.

Many aspects of this work are fun, exciting and even humorous.

What is the fundamental process about?

The buzzwords are:

  • Assisted Self-Discovery
  • Recovery of the Self
  • Healing
  • Connection

The components are:

  • Awareness
  • Ownership/Taking Responsibility
  • Acceptance
  • Action

What can I expect to be doing?

You can expect to lay out what is troubling you, as you see it now. You can expect that we will give you a fresh vision on what is really going on. You can expect to unpack things in a way you may not have before (and you will be given tools, like questionnaires and recommended reading, to help you with this). You will probably be surprised. Then you will be given tools for change to start working on your life. Prepare to be relieved.

Why are there two of you?

Because two are always better than one! We believe in teamwork. No man is an island. We were put here to help each other. And we have simply found that together we are more effective.

Who will be doing the Online Counselling with me?

You will be writing to both of us, and Skyping with Miranda Wannenburgh.

What’s all this about rabbits and galaxies on your site?

Aha! This is to suggest to you in subtle ways that transformation is at hand. Lepus (the rabbit) is a trickster-healer: what has been holding you back will set you free. But first you have to plunge down the rabbit-hole of self-discovery. We have our own Agony Auntie called The White Rabbit – ask her an anonymous question if you like.

If you have other questions, just mail us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You cannot change other people – you only have control over your own choices, thinking and behaviour.