Addiction is more prevalent in our society than you might think. Characteristically, people think it is “a problem with a substance” but in actual fact that is just one manifestation of the addictive mindset.

The addictive mindset is a coping mechanism whereby an individual learnt early on that the best way to soothe pain is by using a particular response.

Addiction is, in many ways, the human condition. It’s what we do when we are little and not able to cope with a scenario that is beyond our abilities. In other words, it is an adaptation. It works for a while (else we wouldn’t do it! And it wouldn’t be so widespread) but, like other “devoted habits” it can begin to strangle you and suck you dry.

It causes destruction in relationships - first and foremost in the relationship with yourself. It is part of a False Self construct, as opposed to the True or Authentic Self, which is much more connected with the natural world and an easy, flowing way of being.

If you think that you might have codependent traits, you can do our Quiz to help you along your way.

Don’t be embarrassed, this is just one way of naming what is going on – getting to change is more important than the routes or words we use to get there.